Special Delivery - Shipping Packages to Your Event


Many of my clients want their retractable banners, brochures and even CDs sent directly to the hotel where they will speak or host an event. And because I give the shipping information to my vendor before an item is printed, I have to make sure all information is correct when placing an order.

Each hotel has a specific way to address packages to be received by a guest; Be sure to ask how and also find out if your hotel charges for receiving your deliveries. One client discovered it would cost less to pay an airline baggage fee than to have the hotel accept the delivery. Isn't that nuts?

And here's a real horror story. I shipped a box of materials to a posh hotel for a client of mine. Upon checking in at the hotel, she asks for her package. The staff looks - no package. She asks them to look again and several minutes later, they came back with empty hands. My client is FRANTIC and calls me wanting to know where her package was!

I look at the tracking information and sure enough, it had arrived to the hotel a day or two before her arrival. The timing wasn't the issue, though, it was that her name wasn't on the reservation because she was rooming with someone else. And since the hotel staff couldn't find an owner for the box, they had placed it in the postal room to be sent back!! It must have been her lucky day, because the next day a staff member delivered her package to her after spending all night looking for it. Whew!!

Hopefully these stories can help you avoid a panic attack when shipping your items!

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