What is a Speaker Media Kit vs a Speaker Sheet?

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There is a lot of discussion about the differences between a speaker sheet and a speaker media kit. While both contain valuable information about the public speaker, they vastly differ in purpose.

In this article, I define the two so you can make the best choice when delivering information about you and your message.

Speaker Sheet:

(aka Speaker One Sheet)

PURPOSE: To deliver information about a person’s speaking abilities and the value delivered to the audience in an effort to get booked for speaking engagements.

WHO NEEDS IT: Meeting planners, event organizers or any representative who makes the decision to book speakers for events, as well as speaker bureaus and agencies

COMPONENTS: The amount of information on a speaker sheet varies from speaker to speaker. These components are essential:
· Biography
· Topic Titles and Description
· Testimonials
· Contact Information
· Headshot

1. A speaker sheet can be printed on paper: one side or both. Some speakers create extensive speaker sheets with dynamic brand imagery and have four or even six pages. The benefit in having a printed sheet is the convenience to the meeting planner: it is handy and in sight plus it doesn’t require additional work on the recipient’s part to have a digital file printed. There is also perceived value in a nicely designed, tangible product.

The downside to printing is the cost. In addition, information can change every few months – new topics, better testimonials, etc. I often suggest ordering a low quantity amount thus making it a reasonable expense. One paid speaking engagement could pay for the entire investment, making it worth the effort and cost.

2. A speaker sheet can be delivered as a digital file, which is absolutely necessary. It can be sent through email or uploaded onto a website for immediate download by the visitor. Some people choose to place their speaking information on a web page instead of developing a speaker sheet and having a PDF file available on your web page as a download. The downside to this is the inconvenience to the meeting planner: it requires additional work on the recipient’s part to print the web page, which results in a printed piece that lacks appeal and professionalism.

The downside of having only a PDF file is that it is not in the line of sight of the event organizer. They can’t add your speaker sheet to the stack of other speakers. Chances are they will be on your website for a few seconds and won’t visit it again unless you are truly memorable and a desired speaker.

Speaker Media Kit

(aka Speaker Press Kit)

PURPOSE: To deliver information about a person’s message or story in an effort to get publicity via TV, radio, newspaper, magazines, etc.

WHO NEEDS IT: Media outlets, news desk managers, journalists, publicists

COMPONENTS: Unlike the speaker sheet, the information for a media kit is geared to gaining publicity. These components offer a solid foundation:
· Introduction/Sales Letter
· Biography
· Contact Information
· Books/Articles Published
· Suggested Questions for Interviewing
· Past Publicity: articles, links to videos or audio
· Pictures
· Speaker Sheet (for a quick overview)

1. A media kit can be printed on paper in full color. The number of pages dictate the layout of the document and can range from a collated stack of papers to an 8.5”x11” trifold or tiered multiple pages arranged in a custom branded pocket folder.

The downside to printing a press kit is the cost, especially if printing custom pocket folders. However, it brings a high caliber appeal to the speaker and is the perfect tool for a media campaign.

2. A media kit as a digital file (often called an electronic press kit – EPK) is a must have, especially if video and audio are available. The media kit can be several pages saved as a PDF file and sent through email or uploaded onto a website for immediate download by the visitor.

The downside of having only a digital file is that a speaker can get lost in the shuffle. And printing a press kit from a website lacks in appeal and professionalism.

To summarize: a Speaker Sheet is perfect for getting speaking engagements while a Speaker Media Kit is ideal for gaining publicity. Having a digital file available is a necessity. To achieve best results, professional printing should be heavily considered. Now you can determine which tool suits your needs best.

Whether you decide to use a speaker sheet or a speaker media kit, your brand and message is important. I am happy to provide you with a stellar and professional speaker sheet or media kit. If you decide to develop your own speaker sheet, be sure to to request your FREE TOP 5 SPEAKER SHEET MUST HAVES before getting started.


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