Find Laughter Every Day

Sometimes we get bogged down in the muck and grime when working.Maybe a customer has a different vision than you even though you discussed it in great lengths and detail; maybe your team isn't motivated and the job is flopping around like a goldfish that jumped out of its bowl. Perhaps personal matters are getting in the way and negative thoughts are bogging you down.

Or maybe, you are having a fantastic week and things are going great! You have successfully completed an important project in which your client praised you; or you shrugged off the negativity of others and worked around the obstacles.

Regardless of the kind of day or week you are having, try to find laughter every day. Studies show that laughter increases the serotonin in your brain, thus lowering anxiety and depression and reduces stress. (Here are two of MANY related articles: Laughter as Medicine and Effects of Laughter on the Human Brain.)

Having a great day? Find something to laugh about to maintain your good mood. Better yet, pass it along. Share a funny video or photo with your friends and colleagues. Do you and a client share a similar sense of humor? Email a business appropriate funny photo or joke to them.

Having a bad day? Visit and search for funny videos. Videos like Goats Yelling Like Humans is sure to bring a smile to the face. Or try a favorite video of many that went viral and has over 135 million hits: Ultimate Dog Tease.

You are sure to feel somewhat better after laughing. Even if you are still bummed out, humor will physically alter your mood and give you a different perspective allowing you to take a break from the worries and handle them with a new and positive mindset.

Finally, one thing I discovered many years ago that I practice often: "If you want to be remembered, make someone feel good about themselves" I try to use humor in my business speeches. Because I am inherently funny, it is easy to bring a laugh to those around me. And I love hearing people laugh! If it isn't easy for you, practice. You want people to remember you and you need people to like you if you want your business to be successful.

And whenever possible, enjoy a good belly laugh. You know the kind. The kind where you and your friends did or said something so hilarious that tears start to form, your cheeks ache from smiling and you think you are about to pass out because the laughter has stolen your breath away. As I've said many times before to my friends: "Don't worry if you pass out. Your body will start breathing on it's on again. You can't die from laughing."

Laugh every day, my friends!

Alicia White, CEO of Back of the Room Productions™, helps Speakers, Coaches, Leaders, Politicians and Authors monetize their message every time they speak. Alicia is also the nation's first Back of the Room Speaker Branding and Marketing Materials Provider. Copyright 2013.

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