Logical Choices from the Heart

It’s funny where life puts you. Every choice you make is what got you to where you are now.

logical business choices or follow your heart
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Many times when I was younger, I made choices based on emotion, not logic. Haven’t we all done that? Some were great choices (going to college), others could have been detrimental (who goes backpacking alone in Europe!?). Some choices slowed my growth, others accelerated it. The best choice I ever made in my life was putting an ad on AOL’s love connection in 1995 – that’s how I met Rick, my soul mate.

Today, now that I am older, and by the way, I LOVE being in my 40’s, I am making choices that are more logical. I still rely on my heart to steer me in the “right” direction, but I listen to my head more now than I use to. For example, even though I started my graphic design business in 2004, it has taken me a long time to get "business sense;" acting logically rather than emotionally. Now, I have signed contracts before doing work and I base my merits on a job-well done rather than someone liking me.

Don’t get me wrong, the heart still gets in the way, like finding my place among other entrepreneurs. Recently, I discovered I have value to others and it continues to rise­ – a challenge I’ve had a lifetime. Don’t think that is what makes me weak. It’s not. It’s what has made me stronger. And even through life’s turbulence, I maintain this thought: I have value. Sure, I could stand for some polishing like improving my relationships in business and how to communicate better, but if I can overcome previous challenges, I can overcome these; and it is my choice to see this to fruition

If you have a strong personality like me, then recognize there is room for change. Learn to do it now not later; before you make mistakes you can’t fix. The choice is ultimately yours. Listen to others to improve your weaknesses; recognize those who help you; ask for help; think logically in business decisions; make a positive impact on someone’s life daily; and be true to your heart.


  1. Nicely put, Alicia. It's so important to find that balance of trusting our heart and listening to logic. I agree, we all have value and until we believe it about ourselves, we can't expect others to believe in us.

  2. Good ideas, Alicia. As a small business owner, I'm constantly learning to balance head and heart.