Just Act Natural

My mom taught me a long time ago that when you do something goofy, trip up, or fumble, to just act naturally; like you do that all the time. She said by acting naturally you aren't drawing attention to the fact that you goofed. She recounted a story to teach me this lesson:

One day, mom walked into a bank with her purse. Just as she passed the security guard she noticed that a pair of large scissors was caught up in the purse straps. It was just dangling there, about to fall, which would have made a big sound and ultimately cause a scene. She calmly grabbed the pair of scissors, zipped open her purse and placed them inside as if she does that on a regular basis. No one knew she had goofed because she didn't draw attention to it.

She didn't stop in her tracks and exclaim "Oh dear!" She just kept on walking past the guard to the counter and quietly, and unnoticeably, put them in her purse.Well, I try my best to be discreet on my goofs so as not to draw attention. But today I don't think worked so well. Here is a story I shared on Facebook:

Sigh... You know those clear stretchy thingies that come on blouses these days? Well, the thingies that are sewn into each shoulder inevitably fall outside of your blouse during a video interview when you're trying to be serious. Because they are clear no one knows why you keep tucking your skin back into your shirt... It looks stupid no matter how natural you try to make it!!

This reminded me of mom's story: to act natural. I tried but I know people say me messing with my straps. I hate that it will be forever seen on video. But sometimes you can't help it. you just move forward and don't let it stop you. Things happen, and when they do... act natural!


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