Why I love Photoshop

If you didn't know: I LOVE Graphic Design!! I can do it for hours on end. The problem with owning a graphic design firm is that you don't get to design all day; you have to call vendors, perform social media tasks, write blogs, invoice clients, create spreadsheets, enter stuff into spreadsheets, all the day to day business processes it takes to run a business.

So when I have some downtime on the weekends, I like to get creative and and Photoshop is one of my favorite programs to play with. Yesterday, a friend posted this image on her Facebook wall. I thought it was so cute…

I decide to see if I could clean it up a little for her. She didn't ask, but it was a pretty photo and I wanted to play around to see if I could improve it. This is what I was able to do with levels, saturation, and some painting of red on one side and green on the other, to balance out the tones.

It was a nice photo but I felt it needed more. There was no way to make the cat any more sharp without throwing in a ton of nose, so I took the focus off the surrounding scene using the Iris Blur filter. This worked purrfectly, I must say, as it took the attention off of the entire blurry scene and placed focus not eh subject - the cat, and added a hint of the crisp lightbulbs and the branches of the tree. The Meowy Christmas was added as a final touch!

What creations do you make? Can you take a photo from your phone and turn it into a masterpiece? There are endless possibilities with Photoshop. Have some fun with it!

As a hobbyist published, photographer Alicia White, CEO of Back of the Room Productions™, helps speakers, coaches, authors, business experts and thought leaders monetize their message every time they speak. From speaker sheets to back of the room products, clients receive high-level graphic design and expert branding strategy on how to use their marketing products.

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